As part of our mission we have a responsibility to provide innovative products that enhance quality of life by helping people see better. Alcon also extends this responsibility to the way in which we support eye care practitioners and their support teams.


Course structure

The morning comprises of an interactive lecture and a discussion workshop:

All about Astigmatism

A back-to-basics look at astigmatism in all its forms, and how we manage it in practice. We will examine how astigmatism may change and what ocular conditions and pathologies may be associated with it.

Curve Ball

This case based discussion workshop provides delegates several challenging scenarios based on astigmatic patients. This allows delegates to explore and apply both their communication and clinical knowledge, and determine how they would manage each patient in practice. 

Lunch is provided

The afternoon is formed of a two-part carousel of workshops:

Focusing on Astigmatism

This skills workshop will enable delegates to consider who, when and how they choose to fit toric contact lenses. We will also explore how we assess and measure astigmatism in contact lens fitting.

Torics in a twist?

This case based peer discussion allows delegates to explore, through communication and clinical knowledge, how they would assess and manage the various astigmatic patients featured in the cases depending on their individual situations.

Completion of the full day will provide 10 interactive CET points for Optometrists and Contact Lens Opticians and 7 interactive CET points for Dispensing Opticians.


If you would like to register to attend this course or for more information please contact our Professional Affairs team, or speak to your Alcon Business Development Manager or Alcon Practice Development Manager.