As part of our mission we have a responsibility to provide innovative products that enhance quality of life by helping people see better. Alcon also extends this responsibility to the way in which we support eye care practitioners and their support teams.


Course structure 

The morning comprises of two interactive lectures:

Presbyopia – What can we do?

Delegates will examine the prevalence of presbyopia and explore the vision care options available to patients including: spectacle, contact lens and surgical correction choices. The advantages and potential disadvantages of the different correction options (and the latest developments) will be investigated to enable excellence in patient communication and patient lifestyle exploration.

The aging eye and the patient journey

This lecture comprises of two parts: Examining recognised models of patient behaviour to explore the emotional journey the newly emerging Presbyope embarks on and how this develops as their presbyopia does. Presbyopia is one aspect of the aging eye but do we always consider the additional ocular age related changes our patient is experiencing and how these may affect their visual experience? We will explore additional physiological and pathological aging ocular changes and how these too impact the patient.

Lunch is provided

The afternoon is formed of a two-part carousel of skills workshops:

Cataract Surgery

As a delegate on this unique skills workshop you will perform step-by-step Phacoemulsification through simulation, enabling you to consider your patient communication around cataract discussion, referral and treatment options and develop a more patient-centered communication approach.

Mastering Multifocals

Practicing your communication and fitting skills this workshop will explore effective methods of managing patient expectations, appropriate patient questioning techniques in multifocal contact lens fitting, assessing and understanding patient vision correction satisfaction, multifocal contact lens prescription selection and vision assessment. 

Completion of the full day will provide 8 Interactive CET points for Optometrists and Contact Lens Opticians and 5 interactive CET points for Dispensing Opticians.

‘For everyone the future is presbyopia…make sure you know how to handle it’

If you would like to register to attend this course or for more information please contact our Professional Affairs team, or speak to your Alcon Business Development Manager or Alcon Practice Development Manager.