Maximise the value of your patient database with MyMail

MyMail is a powerful online system designed to help you conduct effective electronic direct mail campaigns with your patients, courtesy of Alcon.
It couldn't be easier:

1   Choose from a selection of direct mail templates

2   Upload names and email addresses from your existing patient database

3   Send targeted and personalised electronic direct mail campaigns with ease

Features and Benefits


  • Web-based system – access via any computer with Internet
  • Utilises your existing patient database
  • Choice of templates to suit your needs
  • Targeted mail – match the message to segments of patients
  • Scheduled delivery weekdays at 19:00 - when open rates are highest2
  • Track success via email open rates, click through rates and promo codes
  • Opt-out link included in all emails
  • Patient data is deleted once each campaign is completed
  • Hosted by a third party registered Data Controller
  • Alcon has NO access to patient data uploaded to MyMail
  • Customised – your practice contact details are added automatically – you can also add your logo
  • Personal – emails display your practice name and Alcon as the 'Sender', e.g. 'John Doe Opticians []'


  • MyMail is offered to your practice free of charge
  • Be green – electronic direct mail is paperless
  • Get more responses through personalised content1
  • Send effective electronic campaigns in just a few clicks
  • Target vast mailing lists with ease
  • Push your message direct to your patients
  • Maximise patient loyalty with regular engagement
  • Build patient relationships through regular, credible messages
  • Permissions management with built in opt-out feature
  • Maximise value by educating your glasses wearing patients about the suitability and benefits of contact lenses

1. Studies show that people respond better to emails that use their first name
2. Consumers tend to open direct marketing emails in the early evening, The WebMarketingGroup, 2012

MyMail Support – the power of electronic direct mail

Did you know?

  • 69% of UK consumers prefer to receive brand communications via email3

  • More than 50% of Internet users check or send email on a typical day

  • The most successful businesses are those that engage with their customers effectively

Why electronic direct mail works:

  • It allows effective targeted marketing: With MyMail, you can choose from a range of templates to select a campaign that best suits your needs. Simply select patients from your existing database that should be targeted for the campaign chosen, and securely upload their contact details to MyMail – creating effective and targeted campaigns

  • It’s data driven: Every electronic direct mail campaign you conduct will generate further data – such as success rates – which you can use to refine future campaigns

  • It drives responses: Your electronic direct mail campaign will drive your audience to take action – whether this is to contact your practice, register their interest or buy a product

  • It’s personalised, builds awareness and encourages loyalty: Through regular, personalised and informative communications you can raise practice awareness and educate your patients on the latest innovations. This will help to strengthen relationships and encourage loyalty

3. Experian, August 2012:

Effective Database Management

Benefits of a well-maintained database

  • Strengthens relationships with your patients by making it easy to communicate effectively with them on a regular

  • Increases patient loyalty and reduces drop-out by enabling your practice to segment your patients and deliver more targeted communications

  • Helps to maximise the value of your practice and to support business growth effectively

Top tips:

  1. Diversity of data: Check that your Practice Management System allows you to capture all the patient data that you could use to target future direct mail campaigns

  2. Keep your data accurate: Review your data regularly for duplication, incomplete entries and errors

  3. Establish some ground rules: Ensure that all staff are entering data in exactly the same way

  4. Make a backup: Your patient data is priceless – backup your database regularly

  5. Allow for future expansion: The more data you obtain, the clearer your patient profiles will become

  6. Look at your data often: Gain important patient insights that you can use in future campaigns

  7. Engage regularly: This will keep your data current and your practice at the forefront of patient’s minds


MyMail is fully secure:

  • Hosted on a secure server (https) and all patient data uploaded is encrypted

  • All emails contain a link for patients to opt-out of receiving further emails

  • Patient data uploaded for a campaign is held securely for 4 weeks to allow us to identify any patients who choose to opt-out of receiving further emails, after which ALL other patient data is deleted

  • A dedicated “Opt-out Database” securely holds the email addresses of any patients who opt-out, ensuring that no patient who’s opted-out will receive any further emails from MyMail – even if you accidentally upload their email address for another campaign

  • MyMail is hosted and operated by an experienced and accredited third party, who is a registered Data Controller with the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office)

  • Alcon NEVER see, or have access to, any patient data uploaded to MyMail

Data Protection and Consent

If you hold and process data about your patients, you are legally obliged to protect that information under the Data Protection Act, which regulates the use of personal data.

About patient consent:

Some points to remember for electronic mail marketing

  • Ensure your campaigns are permission-based – only contact patients who want to be contacted
    Supported by the built in opt-out facility in MyMail – a dedicated and encrypted “Opt-out Database” securely holds the email addresses of any patients who opt-out. Therefore ensuring that no patient who’s opted-out will receive any further emails – even if you accidentally upload their email address for another electronic direct mail campaign!

  • Tell the recipient who you are and provide contact details so that they can reach you to stop the messages
    MyMail makes it clear to the recipient who the email is from by including your practice name as the sender. MyMail also automatically adds your practice contact details to all emails, making it clear who recipients need to contact

  • Provide a simple way for patients to opt-out – and comply with any opt-out requests promptly
    MyMail includes a dedicated “Opt-out” link in every email, and all requests to opt-out of receiving further emails by selecting this link are effective immediately

  • When capturing data, explain what that data will be used for; e.g. explain that the data may be used by third parties for the sole purpose of sending them relevant product/marketing information and offers

  • MyMail is hosted and operated by an experienced and accredited third party, who is a registered Data Controller with the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office)

  • For more information, visit: for the UK and visit for Ireland

MyMail User Guide

Need help using MyMail?

Find simple step-by-step instructions in the MyMail user guide:

Click here to download the MyMail user guide in PDF format